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Here you have the list of the best London applications especially for the reason of travelling. The applications are innovative and they can give their best in making you feel like an independent traveller. The application can help you discover all the hidden stories and now you get to know about the London landmarks all old and new. There are more of free events in all parts of the capital city and the application is sure to tell you about everything.

When using smart phone in London you can have all the data charges. This is the time you should check the data allowance with the provider of the phone. There can be a reduction in the cost with the downloading of the application at the time just before travelling. For this you can make use of the London Wi-Fi hot spots when you are out for various destinations. With the phone in hand one can book for the Luxury Hotel in London. This way you can know the things the hotel can serve with for the reason to make life so easy and hassle free at the time of London travelling.

It is time now that you download the free London maps and guides in advance by making the best use of the application. First is the London Official City Guide Map. This is a free application you can avail on the iPhone and the Android. This way one can make the most of the time spent in London. The free application will help you with features like offline maps, restaurant details, weather reports, bar recommendations, travel data and guides and all these you get without the roaming charges.

As a traveller you can make the most of the Citymapper London Application. This application will help in simplifying the public transportation in the city of London. For this you can receive in time all the latest data and now you know about the multiple route options. Some of the included features are like the disruptions, the prices, the offline maps, the taxi fares and the calorie burn counts. There are more things for you to take into account and enjoy at the same time. This is the best application to help you know in details about the London city routes and ways.

The London traveller is even happy with the Great Little Place Application. This way you will get to know about the uncovered hidden gems and you can know about the details with the help of the GLP application. Now, you know about the cool places to sit and eat at ease in London. You will also enjoy sitting at the weird bars and the cool drinks being served are all so special and delectable. The application seems like the little black book and you get all the latest details while you approach the application in style.

You would be glad to learn about the Street Art London Application. This way you can know about the closest Banksy. With the help of the guides and the maps the app will help you have the smartest London exploration. Now you can move through the special streets of London contemplating at the art forms. In case you have the iPhone in hand you would be able to know about the famous dates and the artists. This way you get to know in details about the street art forms and you would love to explore the local London art treasure.

Staying at the Luxury Hotel in London you can make the Addison Lee Car Booking Application. This is the fabulous app to act just like the perfect minicab provider. The application is always on the go. You can easily download this free app and you can download the same on the iOS and the Android. Now, you can book things according to the demand and this is made possible with the advance with the help of the card or the cash. It is best to book the vehicle with the help of the application. This will make things happen in time and help you have the best convenience in travelling.

While in London you can make the most of the Santander Cycles App. This is an option for you to have a perfect London exploration with the help of the Santander Cycles Free App. You can avail for the same on the Android and this will show you the availability of all the routes and you would also come to know about the closest docking station. For this you need to have a bike release code and this you can get through the phone and the process will help you hire a cycle in time without the usage of the docking station terminal.

Travelling and visiting places in London is made easy with the help of the Museum of London Streetmuseum App. This is the kind of Android and iPhone App that will allow you go back to ancient London and enjoy all things exotic and special within the city limits. For this you need to hold the camera at present and this way you can easily capture the images of past London. You can see the images of the past London on the screen of your smart phone and bubble with all the excitement and pleasure.

There is also the London Regent Street App. With the help of the app you can smartly personalise the perfect shopping experience and this way you can get to know the interests in details. Now, you can easily get to the secret invitations from some of the popular stores like Liberty and the Apple Store. You will also get to know more about the events and the promotions and now you can have easy London shopping with all the best materials in possession. This way the App will tell you about all the popular stores on the Regent Street and in the way shopping will be a happy experience for you.

These are special Apps to help life be comfortable while you are having a stay in the city of London. So, make sure that you download them in time.

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