Best Free Apps to Use in London


We all know as visitors and residents in London that a lot of the time we can be strapped for cash. That’s because with increasing travel costs as well as the falling pound, things are becoming harder and harder to afford, especially when it comes to dining out or seeing any entertainment in the city centre. With this in mind, some lovely companies have made it a bit looser on the purse strings by introducing free apps that can help you on your trip to London without the financial strain. This is usually down to the fact that their sites use advertising and other means of making money so that the users don’t have to pay. And, the more users the company has, the more popular they become which begins to snowball the company’s financial success. With this in mind we’ve created a list of free apps that can help you on your trip to the city. Once you’ve downloaded your Luxury Hotel App, there’s plenty more to choose from in the seemingly endless possibilities of the downloadable and free app world. Below are just three of our favourites, due to their simplicity and their aiding in the exploration of London.

City Mapper

City Mapper is a free app that helps you to get around the city with ease. With its use on the rise in 29 major cities around the world, people are becoming more and more reliant on it to find out the best routes to get around the city, it’s no wonder that millions of people worldwide use it. The app has built in train and bus times to get you where you need to go, giving you the exact location of the places you’re trying to get to. App itself was designed by an ex-google employee, making it even more efficient than google maps.

Geo Street Art

Stuck for something to do on a sunny day and fancy a bit of Banksy? Then the Geo Street Art App is the download for you. Having been curated by a global network of art experts and shared via app by the users themselves, this app will not only show you the best street art in the city, often made by well renowned artists but will give you untouched urban areas to explore that could otherwise be forgotten. The Geo Street Art App allows users to systematically locate, discover and share the street art scene in their city whilst also contextualising the pieces so you know where they came from, who made them and why they made them. This is necessary for street art as much of it comes as a comment on an important topic or out of a certain philosophical, political or satirical struggle, reconnecting the general public to a piece or an artist who may have been forgotten if it wasn’t for the app.

Barclays Bikes

Once dubbed the “Boris Bike” by Londoners, the Barclays Bike is another mode of public transport. Using the Oyster or contactless payment card, users can travel around the city via two wheeled transport and in leave absolutely no carbon footprint. This is great, especially due to the fact that the Barclays Bike will keep commuters healthy and offer a cheaper alternative to the tube and bus services. Due to the congestion in the city they’re often quicker as well, especially if you’re using the cycle paths dotted and strung around the city. The one downside is that it could be possible that your destination has very little to no Barclays bike stations in the area and therefore downloading the app can help you find out where your nearest ones are. This will save you time and also help you to map out the quickest cycles route for your eco-friendly journey.

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