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Living in London can take some getting used to. The metropolitan lifestyle isn’t for everyone that’s for sure, especially for a newcomer to the city. Only from living or staying in London for an extended period will you really get to know the secret shortcuts, best hideaways and nifty tricks to help you save money in the city. However long your stay in the city, you can find shortcuts to those shortcuts through the ever-growing world of apps. With Shoreditch often being known as tech city, the city is no stranger to smart phone based help. In fact, the city has often been the birth place of many of them which is no surprise, due to the way they have made London life so much more streamlined. Whether it’s a quick taxi home or a massage delivered to your office, the world of apps is something to master to make the most of your trip to the city.

Save your pennies with Monzo

Monzo brings banking to a whole new level. Through ordering a free cash card with Monzo, you’ll be able to organise and break down exactly how much you’re spending. In the busy and often expensive life in the London fast lane, having a quick and easy way to keep on top of your finances has never been more useful. The Monzo card sends you updates telling you how much you’ve spent and how you’ve spent it. Putting money on your Monzo card allows you to keep to a budget and gives you an easy way to top up from your personal bank account. This is especially useful when you’re facing a trip to London on a budget. With no fees or charges and a whole range of endorsements from as influential publications as TechCrunch and the Wall Street Journal, you’ll certainly be making the right investment with Monzo.

Be the king of the rails with Station Master

Looking at a busy day of commuting or train hopping? The Station Master app will gift you with an in-depth knowledge of the underground and Overground map layout. With an extensive 3D map showing you your stations nearest facilities, and even the best carriage to get in to be closest to the exit of your destination. With the Station Master app, you’ll be ahead of the rat race in those manic London rushes. You can certainly trust the Station master app co-creator Geoff Marshall, who holds the Guinness World Record for travelling to all tube stations in the fastest time possible.

Drink with a discount on Drinki

Drinki is a discount app for all those looking for a taste of the London bar scene. With hundreds of bars taking part, you can find a variety of hidden gems across the city offering discounts on selected drinks. You can even find out where your nearest Drinki bar is, making this one great for friend’s nights out or that romantic date on a shoestring budget. You never know with Drinki, it could lead you to your next London hotspot or a to a local you never knew existed. Whatever your taste in beverages, be it cocktails or a cold lager, there’ll be a Drinki discount to wet your whistle for less.

Get a room with the Montcalm Hotel Booking app

Whilst the smart phone has become our number one source of internet browsing, luxury hotel apps have been on the rise. None more so than the My Montcalm Hotel Booking app, which has risen to the top of many hotels booking apps. So, what sets out the Montcalm Booking app from the others? This free app allows you to peruse the special deals on offer from the Luxury Hotel group Montcalm and tailor the right deal for you. Whether you’re looking for an overnight stay or a week-long break, the Montcalm app offers you everything you need to have a pleasant stay. From easy booking edits to picking your perfect pillow the Montcalm app will make your stay in London’s award-winning boutique hotel group, as smooth as possible.

Collect it quick with Quiqup

Quiqup is a unique app which saves time for the busy yet forgetful among us. If you’ve forgotten something important and are too busy to pick it up, Quiqup will send someone to do it for you. Whether it’s a parcel for a friend’s birthday, an urgent delivery or simply your keys left at home, you can hire a quiqee to get it for you. The same goes for shopping in a rush, you send one of the apps quiqees to pick up your purchases and they can deliver them to you.

Dash to dine Deliveroo

Deliveroo is an app for those who want their favourite food from their favourite restaurant delivered to their doorstep. Whether you want a cosy night in with Michelin star food or some cheerful fast food, Deliveroo will bring it straight to your address. All of this is done using the simple to use and smartly designed app. The lay out makes it easy to navigate whilst thousands of restaurants across the country are participating, giving you a wealth of choice when it comes to tasty treats when plonked in front of your TV.

The world is your oyster bar with Opentable

London is home to some of the best restaurants and most sought-after reservations in the world. This makes it difficult to book last minute if on holiday and looking for a bite to eat. With the OpenTable app you’ll be able to have access to thousands of restaurants which are quick and easy to book a table at. Furthermore, you can find a range of reviews, photos and menus so you can plan and ensure that this dine-out is the right one for you.

Find the crème de la caffeine with London coffee finder

Downloading the London Coffee Finder will open you up to a range of London’s best pick me ups. The app is jam packed with reviews, coffee information and directions to some of the best coffee brewers in the city. Whether you get extreme for espresso or just need a last-minute latte, the London Coffee Finder will help you in your quality café quest.

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