7 Essential Apps you need to Download When in London

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If you are not a frequent visitor to the capital then it can come as a surprise to find out just how expensive it can be. Everyday necessities are far more affordable up North, but there are ways in which you can save cash and avoid overspending if you use the latest smartphone apps. Here are seven top picks which will make London living a great deal easier:

1. ATM Hunter

If you desperately need cash but the only place nearby is the ATM in the local newsagents, then this could end up costing you far more than you think. These machines may seem unassuming, but they often charge £1.75 on average for a single transaction. So, if you end up using them a few times a week in order to pay train or bus fares then this soon mounts up. However, Mastercard has devised an app for finding the nearest free cashpoint, which may seem like a simple concept but could save you hundreds of pounds a year. And, if you have an Android or iPhone device then it’s completely free to download!

2. Kabbee

If you decide to use an established and reputable taxi firm then this will cut costs considerably, as they are far cheaper than black cabs. In London, minicab companies often get a negative rep, but overinflated fares and charges can be reduced if you do a little research and choose a company known for their excellent customer service and reasonable rates.

Kabbee provides a handy price comparison tool which is incredibly easy to navigate. All you need to do is input two destinations and Kabbee will then fetch the best quotes from over sixty minicab providers before then guiding you through an online booking system. So, if you are looking to plan a hassle-free journey, then Kabbee is a must-have app.

3. TubeTap

If a service on the Underground is delayed by more than 15 minutes, then you can claim a full refund. Now; how many commuters are aware of this? Very few, we would wager. Countless people have undoubtedly experienced setbacks to their journey on a regular basis, but do not do anything about it. It has recently been estimated that around £32 million is left untouched annually in refunds, which is perhaps why TfL have not advertised the fact that you can claim money back if you encounter any interruptions.

However, if you touch TubeTap at the beginning and end of every journey then the app can work out whether the service is operating in a timely manner. It then automatically fills out the paperwork for the refund you deserve. And it is free of charge if you have an iPhone.

4. Onavo

Using the internet whilst you are on the go can be pretty expensive too, especially when you consider additional data roaming charges. And the internet is essential to pretty much every activity a smartphone undertakes, so is a necessity rather than a luxury. Onavo compresses information before it is downloaded to the handset, which slashes data usage by up to 85%. It also compiles what it has saved you into a detailed colour report which flags up any errors.

5. Opentable

Dining out in the capital can be extortionate, especially if you prefer the finer things in life. However, there are bargains to be discovered if you know where to look. Opentable handles reservations for around 80% of London’s high-end Michelin-starred establishments, and provides discounts on everything from speedy lunches to five star gourmet feasts. You can also book online, and search for the nearest eateries on the move. And, with over 4,000 UK restaurants to choose from, Opentable will guarantee a fantastic culinary experience every time.

6. Quidco

Quidco offers cashback for purchases made from major outlets such as Next, Argos and Debenhams, as these stores pay Quidco commission which is then passed on to you. Their name is emblazoned on Tube stations around the capital, and has become a household name when it comes to saving a fortune, yet not having to make any substantial cutbacks. All you do is pay the first £5 of your cashback as a yearly membership charge, but after that the app is all about savings in the guise of check-in deals, voucher codes and voucher codes.

7. TicketySplit

Sometimes, it is cheaper to buy two tickets for different parts of a train journey rather than one for the entire trip, even if you are staying put on the same train the whole way. TicketySplit searches for these ‘split’ tickets well in advance, and can result in substantial savings. And the app is free of charge if you own an iPhone, so you do not even need to pay anything extra if you want to take advantage of its many advantages and benefits.

If you are after the perfect last minute hotel booking app then the Montcalm App is ideal, as it provides updates on the latest deals, and could end up saving you a fortune in the long run. It is simple to use, and comes with a range of different features. You can make a reservation at any Montcalm hotel, browse photos and maps and update your reservation, all in a matter of seconds.

Life in the capital is hectic at the best of times, so a last minute hotel booking app which is efficient, speedy and convenient will be welcomed by travellers and locals alike. And, the Montcalm App can be downloaded at no extra cost, so you don’t have to spend a penny in order to receive a high quality product which comes with the guarantee of quality and excellence.

Take it from those in the know; as there are so many satisfied customers who swear by the app if they are searching for the most luxurious, comfortable guesthouses in the area.

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